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Hinton Grange Hotel - CLOSED, Hinton Rooms available from £ night.

Hinton Grange Hotel - CLOSED

Hinton Grange, Grove Lane, Hinton, SN14 8NY

Hinton Grange Hotel is Closed.

On 7th January 2014 I received an email from the owner of Hinton Grange: info@stayathint........co.uk

"I have asked you numerous times through the domain name website of www.hintongrange.co.uk to remove this website! We purchased Hinton Grange Hotel as a PRIVATE residence over two years ago and we now run holiday cottages from the site. You hosting the hotels website is causing me numerous problems with uninvited people turning up believing it is still a hotel due to your site. I DO NOT WISH TO BUY THE DOMAIN FROM YOU AND NEVER WILL. If you do not remove the website I shall have to seek legal representation as you are mis marketing a closed hotel!"

If Hinton Grange Hotel has changed its Open/Closed status, please let us know and we will update the site, also if you would like a link to your Holiday Cottages website, email this to us. (99999)